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Certified Digital Marketing Master's Course

What You Learn?

32 Core Modules
+17 Specialization Modules

Digital Marketing Course(Core Modules)
  • one

    Search Engine Optimization [SEO] (4 Modules)

  • two

    Search Engine Marketing [SEM/Google AdWords] (5 Modules)

  • Social Media Marketing [SMM] (5 Modules)

  • Email Marketing (3 Modules)

  • Inbound Marketing (4 Modules)

  • Web Analytics (5 Modules)

  • Social Media Optimization (4 Modules)

  • Lead Generation (2 Modules)

Specialization Modules
  • Facebook Marketing (2 Modules)

  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy [2 Modules]

  • Affiliate Marketing [2 Modules]

  • Media Planning & Buying [2 Modules]

  • How to become a Freelancer in Digital Marketing? [2 Modules]

  • E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling [2 Modules]

  • Programmatic Marketing [1 Module]

  • Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst [1 Module]

  • How to create an Infographic Resume [1 Module]

  • Content Marketing (in association with LinkedIn) [1 Module]

  • Lead Sourcing [1 Module]


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    Yes, we have a demo session in which our trainer teaches you about our course.
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    Yes, School of Digital Marketing(SODM) offers you flexible timing anywhere and anytime.
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    School of Digital Marketing gives you flexible timing anywhere anytime and also provides you best digital marketing live projects training as well as good Placements.
    Staying updated on digital marketing trends is crucial. Our page provides insights into the latest trends and strategies for successful digital marketing in the current year.
    How can I measure the return on investment (ROI) for my digital marketing campaigns, and what key metrics should I track?
    Measuring ROI is essential for assessing the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. Our page offers guidance on tracking and analyzing key metrics to determine ROI.
    What role does content marketing play in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and how can I create engaging content for my target audience?
    Content marketing is a cornerstone of digital marketing. Our page explores the importance of content marketing and provides tips for creating compelling content.
    Can I find information on the benefits of incorporating video marketing into my digital strategy, along with tips for creating impactful video content?
    Video marketing is a powerful tool. Our page discusses the advantages of video marketing and offers tips on creating engaging video content.
    How can I optimize my website for search engines (SEO) to improve its visibility in search results and attract more organic traffic?
    SEO is crucial for online visibility. Our page provides insights into SEO best practices and strategies for optimizing your website.
    Are there specific digital marketing strategies tailored to small businesses and startups that have limited budgets?
    Small businesses often have budget constraints. Our page offers cost-effective digital marketing strategies and tips tailored to small businesses and startups.
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    Social media is a valuable channel. Our page delves into social media marketing strategies and tactics for building a robust online presence.
    Can I access case studies or success stories showcasing the impact of digital marketing on businesses in various industries?
    Real-world examples can be insightful. Our page provides case studies and success stories that illustrate the tangible benefits of digital marketing.
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    Ethical practices are vital. Our page discusses ethical considerations in digital marketing and offers guidance on compliance with regulations.
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    Continuous learning is essential in digital marketing. Our page provides information on resources, webinars, and training programs to help you stay updated.

    Digital Marketing Course Content Details [Updated 2023]

    Digital Marketing Overview
    Under this, lessons on topics including what digital marketing is, how it compares to traditional marketing, the most recent advances in digital marketing, and tactics for using different digital marketing platforms were covered. This module’s goal is to help you understand what digital marketing is all about. You would gain insight into all the different aspects of this area as a result. As a result, begin with a general overview before moving on to more complex subjects. A kind of warm-up before the workout itself!
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    What are Basics and Search Engines? Basics of HTML. On-Page optimization. Off-Page Optimization The fundamentals of effective website design, plus much more.
    Content Marketing
    Strategy and Overview of Content Marketing Channels for Content Marketing Content Strategy & Challenges Creating Content Image Promotion
    Website Structuring
    Describe a website.- Knowledge of websites How can I set up my site and host it? URL Extensions
    Website Creation Using WordPress
    Web Pages Development Themes, widgets, and plugins for WordPress Sliders, contact forms, and Elementor
    Blog Writing
    Websites vs. blogs Creating blogs for websites How to choose blog writing topics AI authoring tools for blogs
    Google Analytics
    Introduction Google Analytics Session Navigation Users Traffic Source Content Live Visitors Bounce Rate Percent Customized Reports Practical Information Better Decision Making
    Understand Acquisition & Conversion
    Reports on Traffic Events Reports on Customization Tracking Practical Information Better Decision Making Reports of Comparison
    Google Search Console
    Accelerated Mobile Pages, Url Inspection, and Website Performance the Google index Security issues on the crawl Links from search engines to your website Internal Links Manual Actions
    Image Ads
    Guidelines for Image Ad Formats Targeting Techniques Placement, topics, and keywords Targeting Budget Report, Segment Data Analysis, CPM and vCPM Performance Metrics, Impression Shares A frequency cap robotic procedures Target Audience Techniques
    Video Ads
    Creating Video Ads Different kinds of video advertisements Skippable in-stream adverts No-skip in-stream advertisements Ad bumpers How to connect your YouTube channel to your Google AdWords account
    Discovery Ads
    How do Discovery Ads work? Discovering Discovery Ads Bidding Techniques Keeping track of conversions
    Bidding Strategies in Google Ads
    Different Google AdWords Bidding Strategies: CPC Bidding, CPM Bidding, and CPV Bidding How to determine CTR What are impression shares and impressions?
    Lead Generation for Business
    Why is lead generation so crucial? Knowledge of the Landing Page Recognizing the Thank You Page Website vs. Landing Page: Best Practices for Creating Landing Pages Guidelines for Creating a Thank You Page A/B Testing: What Is It? How Do A/B Tests Work? Making Sales from Leads Recognizing Lead Funnel
    Conversion Tracking Tool
    Conversion Optimization Overview Conversion Strategy Landing Page Improvement
    Remarketing and Conversion
    Describe conversion Putting conversion tracking in place monitoring conversions Adwords remarketing The advantages of remarketing Creating bespoke targets for remarketing creating a campaign for remarketing
    Quora Marketing
    The Best Ways to Market on Quora Marketing Plan for Your Business on Quora
    YouTube Monetization
    Policies for monetizing YouTube channels What Is the Process for Monetizing YouTube? prerequisites for monetizing on YouTube
    Social Media Tools
    What main categories of social media technologies are there? Use These Top Social Media Tools Tools for Managing Social Media
    Social Media Automation
    Social media automation: What is it? Social Media Management/Automation Tool Establishing a connection with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. using Buffer, Hootsuite, or Postcron. Tools: Add/Remove Profiles Scheduling after in Tools Performance Evaluation
    Facebook Ads
    How to create accounts in Business Manager Account, Campaign, Ad Sets, and Ad Copy Definition What is Budget & Bidding What is the Difference Between Reach & Impressions How to Create Campaigns on Facebook Different campaign objectives types and locations of ads the social network Retargeting
    Instagram Ads
    Text Ads and Instructions Image Formats and Guidelines for Ads Landing Page Improvement Performance Metrics: Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Average Position (Avg.), Search Term Report, Segment Data Analysis, and Impression Shares Policies for AdWords and ad extensions CPA, CPV, ECPC, vCPM, CPC, and Bidding Call-only campaigns and dynamic search campaigns Targeting Options: Contextual Targeting, Target & Bid, Bid Only, Placements, Keywords, and Topics
    LinkedIn Ads
    The steps for creating a Campaign Manager account What are Campaign Groups, Accounts, and Campaigns? Campaign Objectives Bidding Techniques Specified Targeting Targeting Advanced Audiences Tracking Ad Format Conversion
    YouTube Advertising
    How are video ads run? Various video ad types Stream Ads That Can Be Skipped In-stream ads that cannot be skipped Ad bumpers Strategies for Video Ad Bidding
    Google PPC
    Setup of an AdWords Account Creating an AdWords Account, AdWords Dash Board, and AdWords Billing Designing the First Campaign Knowing the Goals of the Campaign Account Caps in Google AdWords Networks and Devices Network and Language Settings Budget and bid schedule: Start and finish dates, as well as ad scheduling Ad rotation, frequency capping, Ad groups, and Keywords for Ad Delivery
    Search Ads/ Text Ads
    Text Ads and Instructions Landing Page Improvement Performance Metrics: Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Average Position (Avg.), Search Term Report, Segment Data Analysis, and Impression Shares Policies for AdWords and ad extensions CPC ad-buying categories of keywords Exact, general, phrase, and budget bids Text ad creation techniques
    Growth Hacking Topic
    Basics of Growth Hacking Case Studies of Growth Hacking and its Function
    Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    Knowing Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Resources to Earn Online Obtaining an Affiliate Payments & Payouts application Blogging
    Introduction to Google AdSense
    Installing Google Adsense code: The basics many forms of ads Increasing your Adsense revenue Practical advice for successfully integrating text, picture, and video advertising into your website
    Google Tag Manager
    Website addition of GTM Setting up the trigger and variables Establish AdWords conversion tracking. Configure Google Analytics Configure Google Remarketing Install the LinkedIn Code
    Email Marketing
    Basic Email Marketing Introduction. How Email Marketing Operates. creating a mailing list. creating content for email. enhancing an email campaign. Email Marketing Best Practices under the CAN SPAM Act
    SMS Marketing
    Creating a Bulk SMS account Naming the Campaign and SMS Character restrictions SMS Scheduling
    Media Buying
    Principles, Concepts, and Management of Advertising Media Strategy
    What’s App Marketing
    Strategies for Marketing on WhatsApp Business Features of WhatsApp Setup of a Business Profile AUTO RESPONSE
    Influencer Marketing
    The identification of influencers, measuring them, and building relationships with them are among the main subjects covered. Review the case studies on influencer marketing.
    Voice Search Optimization
    What is search engine optimization for voice? How is voice search optimization implemented? Why should your website be voice search optimized?
    E Commerce SEO
    Introduction to SEO for E-Commerce What is SEO for e-commerce? How to Drive Organic Traffic to Online Stores
    Google My Business: Local Listings
    Describe local SEO The significance of submitting your local SEO strategy to Google My Business and completing your profile Negative Local SEO Signals References and Regional Submissions
    Social Media Optimization
    Describe social media. How does social media benefit businesses? creating your online persona. Keeping your Audience Engaged. Using Groups, Forums, etc.
    Facebook Organic
    How can I utilize Facebook to help my business? creating an effective Company or fan Page creating your online persona. Including your audience, posting formats, and posting schedule How to utilize and create groups Use of hashtags and their importance
    Twitter Organic
    Basic ideas, such as how to set up your firm properly, how to create a Twitter presence, and how to use sophisticated marketing techniques. Twitter use guidelines What are lists and hashtags? Tweeting Tools Trending Twitter campaigns
    LinkedIn Organic
    Your Profile: Making meaningful relationships and receiving referrals from others How to use Groups: Promote conversation and news to increase visitors How to create LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages Keeping your Audience Engaged.
    YouTube Organic
    creating a YouTube channel Keyword research for YouTube Create a High Retention Video and Consider These YouTube Ranking Factors Video optimization for YouTube Use playlists to promote your video Google AdSense How to Verify Your Channel & Create a Creator Studio on YouTube Boost your revenue by linking to your YouTube channel YouTube AdSense and Google AdSense
    Video SEO
    Keyword research for YouTube Publication of a High Retention YouTube Video Video optimization for YouTube
    Freelancing Projects
    Getting a job as a freelancer many websites for obtaining digital marketing tasks
    Online Reputation Management
    Describe ORM. Why We Need ORM and Case Studies for ORM
    Resume Building
    How to create a resume for various job types platforms for creating resumes What should be included in your digital marketing resume?
    Interview Preparation
    What to Do and What Not to Do Before a Job Interview Getting ready for an interview Answers to frequently asked interview questions
    Client Pitch
    How to send a quote to customers How to choose a campaign budget Quotation forms
    Graphic Designing: Canva
    How to make pictures with programs like Canva and PosterMyWall How to provide pictures effects
    Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh -School of Digital Marketing(SODM)

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